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  Name : Caroline and Adam Cooper
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : SCWT breeders search
Comments : We have lovely Betandy Adaman (Hamish to his family)who has been a member of our family for nearly 12years and came from your kennel. He is geeting old now but remains one of the children, exuberant in greeting guests, and an ever faithful watchdog.
Date : 8-Sep-14

  Name : Charlie and Christina Shields
Web Site :
Country : New South Wales Australia
How you found us : Contact at the Wheaten club
Comments : Thanks so much for giving us Betandy Mark My Words alias Max. He is a joy to watch - cute as a button and smart as can be. Such a loving friend and companion! Now just 18 months he is really coming into himself. A social butterfly in the local park too I might add Hope all is well with you.
Date : 19-Jul-14

  Name : Helen Kidd
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : just browsing
Comments : This was a joyful site. We have a wonderful Wheaten that is the most important member of our family above all others. He comes to work each day in an office and has now built up a friends group who come to say hello to him specifically. We would love Archie to have a wheaten friend but currently cannot buy one. If anyone knows of a wheaten who for some reason needs a new family and if Archie liked him we would love the opportunity to give them a new home. Apart from that I love your site. Helen
Date : 28-Aug-13

  Name : iain & ingrid murdoch
Web Site :
Country : England
How you found us : We visited you in 2003 Betty
Comments : Hi Betty, Really sorry we haven't been in touch for a long time, but you very kindly put us up in 2003, when we were staying with Ingrid's sister in Sydney. We have sadly just lost our two Wheatens (Ruby and Padraig) in the last 6 months. However, the good news is that we have just been in touch with Margaret House and there could, fingers crossed, be a puppy on the way to us in perhaps 6 months time. we shall be in Aus in late 2013, so will hopefully make contact with you nearer that time. Very best wishes to you both.
Date : 7-Jul-12

  Name : Lee
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Website surfing
Comments : Hi Betty, Nessa (from the 25/11/08 litter) is starting to do very well at obedience club. She is my sweet affection friend and follows me around the house, just what I wanted. Love the look of the new imports. Lee
Date : 18-Jun-12

  Name : Laura Mason
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : dogs4sale and dogs NSW
Comments : beautiful dogs, so cute. i would love one would been able to tell me how much a puppy would be and when your next litter will be Thanks :)
Date : 2-Sep-11

  Name : Jillian King
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Search on SCWT
Comments : Am very interested in having a SCWT as companion and live in Adelaide. Please let me know where you are located and when you plan a litter next? How often do you do produce a litter? Cheers Jillian
Date : 6-Aug-11

  Name : Diana Sheridan
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us :
Comments : Beautiful dogs, absolutely beautiful. Great site with lots of great photos. I am hoping to make a Wheaten my next companion sometime soon.
Date : 22-Jul-11

  Name : Ramil
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : google, looked up weaten terriers
Comments : I really like your website it's pretty cool, wish I can design something like that.
Date : 16-Apr-11

  Name : Kay
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : google search
Comments : Have enjoyed looking at the photos, we have just come across this breed during our search for the right puppy for our family. They are so adorable, and we cant wait to have one of our own.
Date : 12-Sep-10

  Name : Inka
Web Site :
Country : Germany
How you found us :
Comments : Just want to say HELLO and leave a wheatenwag Inka and her Gang
Date : 2-Sep-10

  Name : Kathleen O'Donnell
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Lorraine Williams
Comments : enjoyed your site lovely photos of the kids I see you have David Balfour dogs I got my Glen of Imaal from David. small world
Date : 20-Jul-10

  Name : Lauren Williams
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Link from breeders in Aust
Comments : The Puppies are so cute!
Date : 21-Jan-10

  Name : Meredith Webb
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : NSW breeders list via BB'Yard page about Wheatens
Comments : I love your website and I LOVE your dogs
Date : 8-Jan-10

  Name : Sabine Perko
Web Site :
Country : Germany
How you found us : Wheaten Dreamteam
Comments : Hello! Very nice page and of course dogs ;-) Dont go without a text in your guestbook. Greetings from Germany Sabine & Robin (MultiCH Von der schnen Lausitz Brian OKelly)
Date : 24-Sep-09

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